As you can see, Virginia Beach Little League is stepping up to the plate to ensure great communications with you. Our webmaster has added a multitude of items to keep you informed, even when you can’t visit Check out the many ways you can keep yourself in the loop below:


    1. E-Mail Notification-Everytime Virginia Beach Little League publishes a post here on, you’ll receive it in your preferred e-mail inbox. Sign up for this service is simple, care free, spam free, and ad free as your e-mail address is only used for this purpose. How do I get it, you ask? Simply type your e-mail address and hit “Submit” and leave the rest to us.

Don’t have time to visit our site for updates? No problem. Just enter your e-mail address in the box and we’ll send it to you. No hooks, no hassels, spam free guaranteed!
  1. Cell Phone Text Notification-In the case of game time cancellation due to inclement weather or any other time sensitive action, Virginia Beach Little League is able to send an instant text straight to your cell phone of choice. Your numbers are compiled only on’s server and will not be published anywhere else. Enter your ten digit cell number, select carrier/service provider and hit “register.” You’re in!