It will be here before you know it – the 2014 Spring Season!  Following are some helpful suggestions, resources and dates (registration, manager’s meetings, tryouts, and draft) all to help the registration of your child(ren) go more smoothly. 

Please check back often for any date changes!


OK.  Let’s get started!

1.)  Do you live within the Virginia Beach Little League (VBLL) boundaries?  Navigate the ‘VBLL Boundary and Complex Map‘ link to ensure your child(rens) eligibility to play at VBLL.

2.)  How do I prove my residency?  Little League International holds each Little League District to strict boundary guidelines.  This is to ensure the highest level of competition and sportsmanship while maintaining an even playing field (so to speak) between each district.  Three proofs of residency are required.  Navigate the ‘Acceptable Proofs of Residency‘ link to determine which documents you can provide to prove your residency within our boundaries before making your registration visit.

3.) Don’t forget your child’s Birth Certificate!  The original certificate of birth must be presented for each child being registered.  A XEROX style copy or any digital reproductions will not be accepted.

4.)  What division will your child play in and how much will it cost?  Review either the ‘2014 Age Chart (Baseball)‘ or ‘2014 Age Chart (Softball)‘ link to determine what your child(rens) league age is.  Once you have determined league age, navigate the ‘2014 (Spring) Age Group and Fees‘ link to determine the division and fee to play.

5.)  How do you Register?  After determining your child(rens) eligibility to play at VBLL, gathering the acceptable proofs of residency, and determining your form of payment (cash, check, or card), all you need to do is decide on one of the following registration dates and show up at the corresponding time and location!   To help expedite the registration process, fill out the ‘2014 Application-to-Play‘ and bring with you.

Registration Dates
03/08/14 (Saturday) 1200p-100p: Virginia Beach Little League Complex

6.)  Would you like to volunteer your time to VBLL?  VBLL is a 100% volunteer organization with no city, state, or federal funding.  If you would like to manage, coach, team parent, or umpire, fill out the ‘2014 Little League Volunteer Application‘ and bring this along with a photo ID to registration.  If you would like to volunteer some time to concessions, the board, field maintenance, or some other capacity, fill out the ‘VBLL Volunteer Registration Form‘ and bring this along to registration.  Your time is greatly appreciated!

7.)  What next?  Following are some additional dates, times, and locations you need to be aware of.  Tryouts and Draft dates are non-applicable to the Pre T-Ball, T-Ball, and Coach Pitch Divisions. Minor Farm Assessment date and time TBD.

Manager’s Meeting, Tryouts, and Draft Dates
2/13 (Thursday) 600p-800p: Prospective Manager’s Meeting at Princess Anne Recreation Center
2/27 (Thursday) 600p-800p: Mandatory Manager’s Meeting at Princess Anne Recreation Center
3/1 (Saturday) 900a-1200p: Tryouts Minor Baseball, VBLL Complex. Rain date 3/8.
3/1 (Saturday) 1230p-200p: Tryouts Major Baseball, VBLL Complex. Rain date 3/8.
3/1 (Saturday) 230p-400p: Tryouts Jr./Sr. Baseball, VBLL Complex. Rain date 3/8.
3/1 (Saturday) 1000a-1200p: Tryouts Minor Softball, VBLL Complex. Rain date 3/8.
3/1 (Saturday) 100p-230p: Tryouts Major Softball, VBLL Complex. Rain date 3/8.
3/1 (Saturday) 300p-400p: Tryouts Sr. Softball, VBLL Complex. Rain date 3/8.
3/2 (Sunday): Draft (divisions and times TBD). Rain date 3/9.
3/8 (Saturday): Possible rain date for tryouts if 3/1 rainout. Same times apply
3/9 (Sunday): Possible rain date for the draft if 3/1 rainout.

8.)  How do you get a refund?  While we’re sorry to lose you, we promise to cooperate fully to ensure the smooth transaction you  deserve.  Review our ‘Refund Policy‘.