Virginia Beach Little League is dedicated to bring your family and children a fun and safe baseball and softball environment. Virginia Beach Little League has an approved safety plan for the 2015 season that is in accordance with Little League’s ‘A Safety and Awareness Program (ASAP)’. Unfortunately, injuries occur and we handle each incident with kid gloves to ensure your family member receives the attention they deserve.

Each board member, team manager, and coach, and many others have been directed early on in the season to report any and all injuries no matter how small or large they may seem at the time. Our Safety Coordinator, Michele Bock has placed an emergency first aid kit in each dugout at the VBLL complex. These kits stay in the dugouts all season long. If one should be missing from your dugout, immediately contact Michele or go to the concession stand to get a replacement before your game starts.

Should an injury occur (no matter how small) during a VBLL game and/or event, managers should have the appropriate forms on hand to document the incident and immediately report the injury via the forms listed below:

VBLL Medical Release Form

  • This medical release form is a requirement of all players for our 2013 spring season. This must be filled out and turned in to your player’s coach/manager prior to the start of practice and/or games.

Accident Report Form

  • This form is for managers, coaches, and board members needing to report and accident or injury. Managers, please print a few copies for yourselves and keep them with you at all times during a VBLL game and/or practice session. Reports are to be turned into our Safety Coordinator, Michele bock.

Accident Notification Form

  •  At VBLL, we take player safety extremely serious. Baseball and Softball are contact sports, and with the youngsters we have learning the game, there may be an instance where and injury is imminent. This form is for the legal parent/guardian to complete and turn in to Virginia Beach Little League officials for reimbursement of any expense covered under VBLL’s policy.